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Boomerang Restaurant
(Restaurants in Kos Town)
1/10 Ider-head N
My wife ordered ribs and later 4 blokes arrived who were served first with 3 lots and the she was told ribs off n re-order else a 2 hour wait while they cooked some more. Crap service and what food did arrive was poor. Avoid.
1 post by Ider-head N ip -
9/10 Murat O
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Excellent food,unexpected ambiance, magnificent service by a  hearth warming pianist Alice. She is on the left in the picture, ask for her recommendation if you are unfamiliar with greek food.
1 post by Murat O ip - Turkey
10/10 Diane B

After reading the previous entries on this site we decided to try the Boomerang, and what a delight we found.  Great, friendly service, excellent food, highly recomended.  We were in Kos just for one week in June, and this was our first visit to Boomerange, it is only 5 minutes walk from the Lenaki Apartments where we stay and it will be our first (if not daily) stop when we go back for our next holiday. 

1 post by Diane B ip - GB

Lush food,Awsum sunday dinner LUSH....!!!!

All food is lovely and with friendly staff..the lil chinese man is very frindly and just amkes you laugh...!
Highly recomended place make sure you go there it is just passed dolphin square down a lil side alley thing...!!
View 4 posts by !!!! ip - GB
  Louise P

The Mexican Chicken!!! You must try it along with a nice glass of rose wine!!! Best meal I had over the course of 2 visits to Kos this year. Amazing restaurant, lovely staff and damn good food!!!

1 post by Louise P ip - GB
  Steven K
have just returned from Kos and visited Boomerang three times as we loved it so much.  Food fantastic, you must try the stifado and the souvlaki, such tender meat and very Greek. Also for starters try the shrimp saganaki. A must for anyone visiting Kos.
View 6 posts by Steven K ip - GB
  Tony A
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The Boomerang Restaurant.

Mandilara / Navarinou Street, P.O.Box. 128. Kos Town, Kos. Greece.
Tel: (0030) 22420 28394     Fax:  (0030) 22420 27590
I visited the Boomerang in May with my friends George & Margaret, the food was very good, I had a chicken fillet with all of the trimmings, Margaret had Mousaker and George had a peppered steak.
You must try the hot bread which is served with a choice of butters.The drinks and wines are reasonably priced. In a morning they serve a good English Breakfast.
Mike the owner is always around and he knows a lot about Kos so if you ever need any information just pop in and ask him. In a seperate area at the rear of the restaurant is an internet area where you can go and check your emails etc.
Visit my site:
View 162 posts by Tony A ip - GB
  The C
Boomerang have the nicest pizza on the island!! Most of the 18 of us ate at least 1 meal in boomerangs a day. Everything I tried was lovely. Would def recommend it. You can beat there breakfasts. Alice and staff were very friendly and always looked after us. If you go you gotta try the aussie chicken.
View 4 posts by The C ip - GB
  Gerry C
The food, service and prices could not be beaten on our visit to Boomerang and as the name would suggest we came back. This restaurant is slightly removed from all the hustle of the port area but well worth the extra legwork. Good experience from start to finish ( twice ).
1 post by Gerry C ip - Ireland
  Laura D

my partner and i have just come home from a fab 2 weeks in kos, where we ate at least one meal a day in boomerang.

we would like to say a big thank you to all the staf, now our friends, dem, alice and linda.
we have no complaints about anything in  boomerang, the food was out of this world and would defo advise that if anyone has had a bad experience here then go back and try it again. everyone has there bad days!!!!!!!
we would recomend the ribs and defo the t-bone........
guys we will all see you very soon, thanks again  xxx
View 3 posts by Laura D ip - UK
  Tony A

It is situated at 11. Mandilara Street, Kos Town, it is about 5 to 8 minutes walk from The Dolphin Round-a-bout along Kanari Street and turn LEFT opposite M.L.Rentacar, you will find it on the right opposite The Pavlos Hotel.

With regard to the last comment, I agree that The Boomerang had staff problems the last week of October 2004,  and they should have closed during that period.

I have just returned from Kos and I had a very, very good Chicken Fillet with a selection of vegetables at The Boomerang and both the Service and Food are back to their usual 1st Class Quality, Congratulations to The Boomerang.
View 162 posts by Tony A ip - UK
  Karen B
We were looking at the menu when a member of the staff came out to greet us. After reading the comments on this site prior to our holiay we decided that we would like to eat there. After being seated by the member of staff we waited for him to bring us a menu, but after waiting for about 10 minutes, during which time no member of staff appeared in order for us to ask for a menu, we left and decided not to go back to be ignored again.
View 11 posts by Karen B ip - UK
  Tony A
It is situated at 11. Mandilara Street, Kos Town, it is about 5 to 8 minutes from The Dolphin Fountain along Kanari Street towards Lambi.
Telephone. From Outside of Greece 0030 2242 028394,
or from inside Kos it is 02242 028394

Try his web site: http:/
View 162 posts by Tony A ip - UK
  Rosemarie G
We ate here one evening last week during our stay in Kos Town. The food was varied and good value. The Aussie cheese chips were very nice with barbecue sauce and my son had a rack of ribs (about 10!) which he thoroughly enjoyed.
View 3 posts by Rosemarie G ip - UK
  Jonathan W
Good food at a good price.

If you go try the Aussie chips starter.
View 5 posts by Jonathan W ip - UK
  Tony A
It is situated at 11. Mandilara Street, Kos Town, it is about 5 to 8 minutes from The Dolphin Fountain along Kanari Street towards Lambi.
Telephone. From Outside of Greece 0030 2242 028394,
or from inside Kos it is 02242 028394

Once again I visited The Boomerang Restaurant, the food was very good and the portions were 'AUSSIE STYLE' in other words very big.

After your meal you can always visit SHENANIGAN's for a nightcap or two. Give THE BOOMERANG a try, I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Tony Ainsworth. May 13th to 27th. email:
View 162 posts by Tony A ip - UK
  Donna H
A group of us went to Kos last May and found that the best restaurant by far was the boomerang. The food was the best ive tasted, and that includes all the restaurants ive ever been to, "not just in Kos but all over" the only gripe i have is that the kids menu could have had a bit more choice. The first place i will be heading when i get to Kos in May will be for a steak diane at the boomerang.
View 2 posts by Donna H ip - UK
  Martin B
Food was good but was still starvin afterwards, it just did not fill me up.
1 post by Martin B ip - Ireland
oops didn't feel in the food/service price oh the sunday lunches were yummy too!
View 4 posts by Fiona ip - Ireland
yummy yummy! Breakfasts yum! Aussie fries yummy
View 4 posts by Fiona ip - Ireland
  Emma T
Tried the Sunday lunch here and wasn't overly impressed
View 7 posts by Emma T ip - UK
  Charlie G

We went to then boomerang nearly every night we stayed in kos and we were never dissapointed, i tried pizza, souvalaki, baked potatoes and spag bol all were perfect.
Only complaint was that because of the time of year we went thay had no draft beer only bottled.
View 4 posts by Charlie G ip - UK
  Dave R

Great restaurant enjoyed the food, the meals were both large and very good. I asked Mike, the owner to look at this site. Try Shananigan's afterwards for a nightcap.

Dave T.
View 3 posts by Dave R ip - UK
  Tony A

Hi, I have just returned from my holiday in Kos. I stayed in KOS TOWN and I visited The Boomerang Restaurant. It is situated just off Kanari Street, near M.L.RENT A CAR and THE PAVLOS APARTOTEL.

You must try the bread, it is served hot with both herb and garlic butter. I had the ribs which were very good, use your fingers and you will enjoy them. Mike and the staff always look after you and the portions are very big.

After your meal you can always visit SHENANIGAN's for a nightcap or two. Give THE BOOMERANG a try, I am sure that you will enjoy it.

View 162 posts by Tony A ip - UK
  Tony A
The BOOMERANG Restaurant is situated in Mandilara Steet off Kanari Street about 5 minutes from the Harbour.Mike, the owner is an Aussie Greek and they serve big meals. Their bread is served hot with a herb and a spicy butter. I liked the Australian Chicken, it was very tasty.

Tell him that Tony the Hat sent you.
View 162 posts by Tony A ip -
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