Secret Forest at Plaka - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Ross E           

This was really tricky to find, but well worth it when we did get there. We took a left at a church and ended up in a tip. We later learned that it was the next church along that we needed.

The woodlands were very picturesque. The peacocks were like raptors, leaping onto the picnic table as I tucked into my packed lunch. Luckily I got away without a bite.

Day trip to Turkey - (Kos Excursions)

Ross E           

We had a good day. In fact we went back during our second week. This trip was a shocking 45 euros with Thomsons, but only 15 euros (11 for trip, 3 for Greek customs and 1 for Turkish customs) if you go direct to one of the many companies. It's worth the euro or two extra to go on the Flying Dolphin hydrofoil as it gets you there in half the time. Book at the office just off the harbour in a side street as it's cheaper than booking with the reps stood at the parked-up boats in the harbour.

Warning: we bought a couple of DVDs at around a fiver each. Although we were given a viewing of them before we left the store, one had poor synch on the sound that appeared about half-way through and the other had a very bleached-out picture.

Also, you have to keep your wits about you when you look on the stalls. The sales staff are usually on you and start their sales techniques when you start to look at their goods. Also, avoid getting into a haggle situation unless you really intend to buy the goods. They expect you to buy the items if you start to talk about money.

A good day out, but was glad to get back to Kos. Most places will accept euros, even though the currency of Turkey are liras. I agree with another comment - the food was really overpriced there.

Trip to Kos Town - (Kos Excursions)

Ross E           

I thought Kos Town was fantastic. We stayed nearby for two weeks and were still discovering new tavernas and shops on our last night. The beaches aren't the best, but are fine for sunbathing and the water is clean and clear with a great view of Turkey.

Very pretty. Lots of flower gardens, shops, history and places to eat and drink.

El Paso - (Restaurants in Kos Town)

Ross E           

This was the best place I ate at during my holiday, and I ate at many lovely restaurants.

The only downside was when I got the bill. Gulp!