Kipriotis Village

Accommodation in Psalidi

Kerri S

please can anyone tell me if you have to wear trousers for dinner at the hotel or is it ok for you to wear shorts also do the kids have to wear trousers also.

David L

We have just return from a weeks stay and have nothing but praise for the hotel. Food; there was a wide selection of dishes available, and 4 seperate restaurants to go to all excellent quality. As we were all inclusive there wasn't a time between 7am and midnight when you couldn't get something to eat ! Rooms; Our room was much better than other family rooms we have had in the past. The room was in 2 sections 'gemini' style, so our daughter had her own 'seperate' space up another flight of stairs. The only downside was the adult entertainment in the evening. The entertainment team where, however, very enthusiatic and great with the children. Pool; 3 seperate pools, nursery, childs and adult all very clean. We would return again for another holiday, hope this has been helpful.

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance

Kristian T           

Stayed here for a week at the end of Seoptember and had th week of my life, really nice hotel, great pool and nice appartments. Food was a bit bland but who cares when there is so much of it?! Would fully reccomend this hotel to anyone visiting Kos.

Jan H           

I have just come back from The Kipriotis Village Hotel 3rd October 2004, before I went I read the two opposing views of the hotel so went with an open mind. On arrival the reception area was impressive and the room further impressed me, a large double room with a spacious patio area all spotlessly clean, probably the best of all was the gardens and the pools, beautifully kept and well designed.

Sadly that's where the praise has to stop, as an all- inclusive guest I found the service sadly lacking and concur with the other comments about being a 'second class citizen'. The food was acceptable and has adapted the menu to include vegetarians, trying to get a drink with your meal however was a different matter (unless you were paying).

I prefer a quiet surrounding when lazing on a sun bed so chose to go to the beach away from the music and 'fun' being dished up by the entertainment staff around the pool. The sun beds around the pool are free however on the hotels own beach a couple of hundreds yards away you have to pay 5E a day for the beds. At the pool you can get a selection of free drinks, you can have still water but you can't have sparkling water, the only non carbonated soft drink is orange juice, pineapple, cranberry you pay for! The beach bar however is fully payable even though it is within the hotel grounds.

At night you had to choose to sit in the Yiannis Club which was extremely noisy and featured panoramic views of the car park and imbibe in a small selection of free drinks, you could if you wanted walk the length of the hotel, down a long steep flight of steps with your drinks and join in the entertainment or chose once again to pay for your drinks and enjoy good views and what could be termed loosely as entertainment.

I think the moral of this comment is, go to the hotel but don’t go all-inclusive it's not worth it.

My last comment saddens me greatly to say DO NOT leave anything on view in your room, it has a tendency to disappear with a 'manyana’ shrug of the shoulders when you report it.

Christina S

accommodation and prices for next year please

Neil C           

After reading some of the comments about this hotel i didnt know what to expect. The hotel was very nice, clean and food was good with a good choice. (we stayed half board) The room was clean and was of a nice size. There two shops on site where you can buy the basics and enough bas to keep anyone happy. Taxi's to Kos Town were about 7-8 euros - worth visiting day and night esecially Bar Street. All in all a very good holiday - just wish i had booked 2 weeks.

June T           

we have just returned and loved every minute of our holiday. this was a last minute deal for a family of 5 and when we read the comments were very concerned about what we were going to find. If anyone reads the comments please ignore bad reviews, the food and service was very good, the pool area very clean, yes the rooms are basic but how much time do you spend in your room ? they had what you needed, shower, tv bed some where to hang your clothes (will need to take more hangers if like me you dont travel light) and clean towels every day. Yes if you are going AI you do only have 2 bars to get your drinks.
If I could change anything if would be the following:
Make the AI bar more comfortable to sit it, and put on more evening entertainment in that bar.
We meet some lovely people and that really made our holiday, but holidays are what you make them.

Deb J

Hi, thank goodness i read this page, was beginning to get a bit worried about reviews i have read on other sites, but these reviews are pretty good. Me, my husband and three children have booked up for later this month and really looking forward to it. Anyone been lately or due to go, love to hear from u

Sara P           

Excellent - went in August 2003, whilst I was 6 months pregnant with my 4 year old son and cousin. Perfect holiday, rooms were air conditioned, good variety of food, (salads / fruit) and plenty for children to do. Beautiful and clean hotel. I wanted a quieter holiday with a bit of luxury which is exactly what I got.

Downside - No main meal (hot) for vegetarians.

John L           

Best holiday we have had.
The Hotel and staff were superb. Half board food was very good and The facilities were excellent. Can't wait until next year

Erika K           

Congratulations to the whole hotel and it's staff, we spent our holiday there with 2 other families from the 15th of May for 2 weeks and had a thoroughly great time, the grounds are beautiful like a park, the rooms spacious and clean, with a warm, luxurious decor.
Put on 10 pounds because the food was absolutely fab.Staff in general and ecepcially at the reception were very helpful and always with a smile. A big Hello to Fifi and his animators. looking forward to coming back in 2004. Definetly number one in our books

Stanley D           

Visited from 9th-17th July.2003.
Excellent Hotel,very clean, lot's of space, good pool's and on beach.
Room's large and really nice, all building's two storey with ex bathroom's and shower's etc.Not for teenager's out for club's etc but more for Family or more middle aged group's.Food very good.
Beach narrow and stone, also windy while there, but really good,with fab view,s over to Turkey.
Rec hire of car for day or so to get around, we visited all over in one day and liked Zia, in hill's with great view's,Thermes for a really unusual and novel experience, also Kefalos and Paradise Beach very good.
Driving good, easy to get around with map, although sign's are not good.
Hotel is Ex for disabled people, as cater for almost everything, including wooden decking along beach to sunbed's ( small cost ) but we thought value for money.
This was our 4th time to Greek Island's and this Hotel is on a par with anything we have come across in Spain etc.
We loved it!

Karen F           

Sorry everyone but having returned from this hotel earlier today, I have to say that I agree with Simon! The rooms would not even make 2 star over here, the food was not all that - often cold, unvaried and very little for vegetarians (chips anyone?!) and you have to pay for all sports activities that you want to do (even though my travel agent told me that it was all included!) - my boyfriend said that it was about £9 for a game of tennis! The entertainment finished at 11pm and then there was nothing else to do as the resort is very quiet. I read the negative comments here before I went and ignored them at my peril. Basically this is Butlins abroad - there is even a hotel dance...!Probably good for those with children but definitely not for couples - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED>>>!

Victoria P           

I really enjoyed my stay when I went last May 2002. I did'nt go with children but with two friends and loved the hotel and the food. Is there any other single parents or single people who are looking to go in September and want to meet up as I am thinking of going on my own with my 6 year old daughter. Please let me know as it is a good hotel for children.

Allan B

me and a pal are staying at the kipriotis village,from july 3/03. need to know how close to nightlife it is, where the nearest motorised watersports are and generally, whats on offer for 2 guys in their mid 20's!!!!!

Kevin H           

i must say kipriotis was great it had everything that one needs the only let down was it could have had less stones on the beach but you didn`t have to go there the resort had great pools indoor or out, fab food shows and music at night great for kid i must say it was the best hoilday i`ve had.
easy to go to town via local bus service reception even sold the bus tickets, i can not speak too highly of it, not to many brits but who cares no one getting drunk or silly ( simon mr A1 perhaps next time you should pay the extra and stay at the ritz )
p.s no wearing shorts to dinner
rating *****

Simon A           

Having read the previous comments concerning the kypriotis i was really looking forward to staying at this hotel.
Well all i can say is "What a dissapointment"
Officialy a **** superior, it felt more like a good ***. The rooms were OK but looked tired and the bathrooms needed a coplete overhaul.
We stayed all inclusive, another major mistake, only 1 Bar in the Hotel serving AI customers with 2 surly Bar staff to serve all the AI customers. The Hotel definitely tried to make it as difficult as possible to obtain a drink during the day.
At night you were forced to again go to a bar right at the end of the Hotel and then carry a Drink in a plastic or paper cup right through the hotel to where the outside entertainment was,this was particularly irritating as there was a Bar right by the entertainment where customers could have got a drink
There was not one person on the AI basis who did not complain about the service. {goes to prove that we don't just get ripped off in the UK}
Food was OK but very similar each day so we eat out in Kos town a couple of times just to relieve the monotony.
To sum up, a very dissapointing experience quite probably the worst holiday I have been on for many many years.
If you enjoy being treated like a 2nd class ctizen then this is the Holiday hotel for you, if not then try somewhere else

Graham B

can you please tell us what the kipriotis village resorts own beach is like is it ok for children (ie sand shingle pebble) can you please tell us thankyou as we are taking a disabled child as well as three other children

Graham B           

can you tell us what the beach is like at the hotel as we were told it was sand as we have a disabled child but looking closely it looks like pebble we are going out on the 28 june 2993 can anybody help please

Helen W           

We are having a great time here in Kos. The hotel is really friendly and the animators (entertainers) are great. My daughter is having such a good time with them all she has asked if we can live here. The food is varied and the waiters are polite and very helpful. The room is very clean. The pools are great. The evening entertainment is audience participated so if you want a good time you need to join the fun. The main entertainer is so funny and very enjoyable to watch and listen to. May is a quiet time, but I prefer it that way and have never had such a relaxing holiday even though we have kids. I'll definitely come back here next year for more of the same.

Helen W           

Thanking you for your comments. We are staying in hotel. Hopefully will be so tired by night that we don't notice any noise. Glad to hear the food is varied and we are half board. Thanks again.

Sander B           

Helen I noticed to late that you stay at the Kipriotis Hotel which is near the Village and shear the same facilities.
Kipriotis is about 30 km from the airport. Kipriotis is in most cases the last stop so it can take up to an hour. The variety of the food is good and is a mix of Greek dishes and West European food.
The entertainment in the evenings are mini disco. Have you notice the website of

Sander B           

Last year we stayed twice at Kipriotis Village in May and in October. We were very pleased about the service and. If you are traveling with small children I can advice to make a preference for a appartment not directly to the main building because the entertainment until 12.00 ad night is very noisy. The apartments are well equiped for Greek standards, air-conditioned, a TV and yes a shower curtain are standard. With small children I can advice to book halfboard. The food is good and half board is good priced. Because we stayed twice, I noticed that the personel in the pre season is more motivated than at the end of the season.

Helen W

We are coming out next month 7th May for a holiday at the Kippriotis Village Hotel. Really excited. Has anybody else got any comments on this hotel. My children are 6 and 2. What sort of entertainment is on in the evenings. What variety of foods are available.

How long would you say it takes from airport to resort? Please let us know soon before we go.

Many thanks in advance.