Restaurants in Lambi

Jane R           

Great Place, Frieldiest staff without being 'fake'. Menu varied with many grilled meats and numerous different sauces.  Always provided with bread and coffee on the house and if you move to the relaxing bar seating to continue your evening, often a last cocktail on the house.  The cocktails are great, the service is great, the food is great.  We even received a Christmas card from George.  You really should try it. It was recommended to us and we often visit when in Kos and always spend our last night there.

Craig E           

A fine restaurant with quality freshly made ingredients, and a perfect meal everytime! The omelette special was one of the tasiest omelettes i've ever had although the cleaner took an order one day and got a meal mixed up but the managers customer service as he came in made up for it. Had a wave every time we passed there from the boss!  Highly recommended!  Craig and Danni

Mark B           

This was the best restaurant we visited during our stay in Lambi/Kos. We first went on our 2nd night there.
Very friendly staff, lovely food, and good value.
They even offered free drinks and coffee at the end.
The owner waved and said hello every night when we passed, and we visited again on our last night, and were again rewarded with another top notch meal!