October - (Best Time to Visit)

Claire C           

Just got back on the 25th, Kardamena was getting quiet and a lot of places were closing down on the 25th. However, this meant you can get served in most places very quickly and there are a lot of offers on as it is the end of season. If I were to go back again I would go slightly earlier in October, has a really good time though.

Kings Arms - (Bars in Kardamena)

Claire C           

GET IN!!!!

Thats all you need to say about the Kings Arms, if you go to Kardamena you must go here and have a Kings Knackers!! Big Hello to Craig, Will, Daz and Rich, maybe see you next year!!

Elga Apartments - (Accommodation in Kardamena)

Claire C           

Apartments are average (but most are in Greece) we went when it was quiet so we had not much noise to put up with, though if you want a quieter place in the summer I wouldn't recommed here as the road to both Status and Starlight run past the apartments, if you going for a party then this is the place to go (not far to fall home!!) Everyone friendly that run the place, one thing worth remembering is that there is a breakage deposit to pay (60euro) you do get it back as long as you leave things as you found them but you have to pay it before you can get your room.

Day trip to Turkey - (Kos Excursions)

Claire C           

Dont book this trip with your reps, if you are in Kardamena head to the square and book through one of the travel agents or down onto the harbour, airtours wanted 49 euro and the travel agent wanted 25!! The traveling time is guite long from Kardamena so if you don't like boats I suggest to go to Kos Town and go across from there. From Kardamena the boat has to go to Kos Town (1hr 30 mins) then you have to get off go through passport control then get back on for a further 1hr. Bodrum is really busy but we had loads of fun, at the market!! If you want to do some shopping suggest you give this a go.

Trip to Nysiros Volcano - (Kos Excursions)

Claire C           

This trip is really worthwhile, we paid 10 euro for the boat and a meal included, we did have to pay another 7 euro for the bus to take us to the Volcano though. The volcano is amazing and really stinks, when you get to the bottom you can see parts where the mud is bubbly and steam is shotting out. If you have a camcorder this is def the place to take it, the noise that the crater makes at the bottom is something I wish I had captured!!

On Yer Bike - (Car Rental on Kos)

Claire C           

We hired quad bikes for here I would really recommed it, it was excellent and felt a lot safer than mopeds. It is 25 euro for the full day (9-7.30) and they will normally knock some off if you are hiring more than one. There are a few rental places in Kardamena but I suggest this one as they look after you. They also hire push bikes if that is more for you which are about 5 euro per day.

Adelphi - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Claire C           

Excellent value for money, we ate here a few times and were always very impressed with the food. Very popular place for the greeks and tourists alike.

Jakes English Bar - (Restaurants in Kardamena)

Claire C           

We stumbled on this by accident and were really pleased we did. (you need to go right of main bar street and Crossroads bar then take a left)

Food was lovely and so where the people running it, I recommed the fish and chips!!!

If you have any english books or mags drop them into Jake, he runs a book lending club for the english on the island.