Zoom - (Bars in Kardamena)


A nice li bar playin some great tunes, mostly RnB earlier and some funky house later if thats your thang! only complaint it takes 2 long 2 get busy but the bar staff are great, big hello 2 darren 1 of the barmen who was great fun and a laugh, TOP BAR!!

tisha (shortie), Sara and Tonia

Status - (Bars in Kardamena)


STATUS is the Daady when it comes 2 the clubs in Kardamena, night after the D.J keeps you rockin to the latest RnB but you have to put up wit the funky house and trance bit!
dont wear 2 much clothes coz it gets absolutely packed and very sweaty!! also no need 2 pay 2 get in, pop down to bar street and pick free passes EVERY NITE!!
Coming from london it isnt as good as some of the clubs here, but it is well worth a visit...after you have finished here onto STARLIGHT...


August - (Best Time to Visit)


It is SO hot in august! especially between 11am-3pm! there is a breeze which makes it al little better, but you have to be a serious sun lover to take this heat!! drink plenty of water and wear sun protection or you will bake...LOVELY! this is definitely the best time to go!

2wentys - (Tour Operators on Kos)

Tisha   (September 21, 2003)         

the Seva is undoubtedly the BEST place to stay in Kardamena, 2wentys were pretty cool as well, they didnt force into anything like some operators but let you do your own thing!
however do watch out for their trips (bar crawls etc.) they are quite expensive and you dont always get your moneys's worth, our two reps were cool, however they not as friendly as we had expected!