October - (Best Time to Visit)

Beverley M           

For me Kardemena last October was great still had plenty of nightlife around. I fell in love with the place and went back in May and I'm returning back in October this year can't wait to see all my friends over there.

Fame Bar - (Bars in Kardamena)

Beverley M           

We are very good friends of both Lyn and Ade and we went out to see Lyn in May 2006.

Sadly the rumours where right and Ade had passed away.
It is hard for Lyn as many people are hearing of the sad news or perhaps haven't heard the news and ask her how he is.
Lyn is getting support from family and friends that are residents in Kos.  Ade was a great bloke and made you feel welcome, going to miss him
Bev and Ken (County Durham)