September - (Best Time to Visit)

Nigel and elaine T

  click to enlarge  click to enlargeWe were in tingaki mid Oct last year and it was wet and cold. That was the only time we have seen rain in Kos. This year we are going on Sept 17th. Should be lovely then as it always is in September. 

October - (Best Time to Visit)

Nigel and elaine T

If you intend going to Kos mid to late October be prepared for many resteraunts, bars and shops to be closing down. We never go later than end Sept now for that reason. Hope this helps.

Tingaki Resort - (Resorts on Kos)

Nigel and elaine T          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Travelling back to Tingaki next weekend. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again. Attached a couple of photos from past trips.

Zia sunset     Top of Mt Oregon     Nysiros

Mythos Apartments - (Accommodation in Tingaki)

Nigel and elaine T

On our way back to the Mythos in Sept. Can't wait to meet with old friends and new. Anyone else going then?