Zeus Hotel - (Accommodation in Kefalos)

Suzy & dan            

Just come back from 2 weeks at Hotel Zeus and we thought it was fantastic! Brilliant, family run hotel, with great atmosphere. Don't know how people can say it was expensive at the snack bar and hotel bar! We spent all day by the pool and ate there every lunch time - great value for money, Maria doesn't know how to make small meals! Plus it's all delicious (particularly the Club Sandwiches! Don't need to eat for 2 days after one!). The hotel bar is the best place to be at night... cocktails are very reasonable, as is the Mythos and everything else! Word of warning though... don't have the Vodka... it robs your mind! CHEER UP ROGER!!! U dont go to Greece for everything to be the same as England!!! Must say that the hot water does tend to run out after 6pm but it's red hot before then! And the fan is fine - don't need the aircon but it's nice to have the option. And the hairdriers are ok too!!! Go and see Bobbi in the Supermarket Oasis, shes a right lass!!!


Aussie Steak House - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Suzy & dan            

Not cheap and not quick if busy but the food is excellent. The best Fillet Steak I've ever eaten in my life and to be honest was quite happy to pay the price. The house wine really not good though, have something else! Waitresses all lovely

Rainbow - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Suzy & dan            

whoa!!! this is a s**t hot restaurant!!! the rainbow has the best staff on the island who really make u feel relaxed and welcome and insist on teaching u a little bit of greek along the way!!! we stayed in kef. for 2 weeks and went back here 5 times and every time we saw the same people who were eating there the time before, so its not just us who rated it! must have the crepe with cheese and ham for starters! cheese pie quite good too. moussaka lovely, and the carbonara is amazing!!! after the waiter mike finishes for the night he goes straight out 2 sea to catch some fish! the swordfish is quality, and thats coming from me, who usually hates seafood!!! lovely chocolate liquor on the house to send you on your way.. what more could you ask????


Scorpios - (Restaurants in Kefalos)

Suzy & dan            

Loved Scorpios... Was torn between this and Rainbow as fav. restaurant of the holiday. Staff are really friendly, service is really quick, even on a busy night. Tzatziki here is the best I've ever had, and they also do great breaded mushrooms. Curry isn't like you'd get in an Indian restaurant here but is more like home made - but still gorgeous. Moussaka is lovely here - had it quite a few times. You also get to pick what you want with your food instead of just getting chips, chips and more chips which makes a very welcome change.